F-O-A Office

The Story behind F-O-A, First Over All Off-Road Shock Technology

F-O-A, First Over All Off-Road Shocks is based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA in the heart of the off-road racing country and brings over 30 years of racing experience to the industry. Based on the principles of quality and innovation the company has taken the old phrase “don’t fix what isn’t broke” and put the company’s own spin on technology into every shock absorber.

The F-O-A 2.5″ ID Coil Over Shock with Remote Reservoir was the inspiration for our entire company. Our goal was to build a quality 2.5” Coil-Over Shock that could be priced for the masses. Starting at just over $200 these 2.5” ID bodied shocks cost about as much as the competitions 2.0” shocks and once you hold one of our shocks in your hands, you’ll know we hit the mark!

F-O-A Shocks are custom built to order in Las Vegas, Nevada, and come with a minimum 6-month warranty. Orders typically ship within 14 business days from the receipt of the order. All products are custom built to order, and as such delays are possible depending upon current order levels.