Congrats to Sergei Sukhorukov/Nikita Puzikov The 2014 Russian Rally Raid Cup Winners!

The 2014 Russian Rally Raid cup has been won by our very own F-O-A Russian Distributor Sergei Sukhorukov/Nikita Puzikov F-O-A.RU

FOA Russian distributor F-O-A.RU Sergei Sukhorukov/Nikita Puzikov won the cup after five stages in RS class (open class –vehicle no FIA homologated).  The vehicle – Tomcat based on Range Rover chassis V8 4.6 engine, Range Rover manual transmission and axles. Suspension based on four FOA 2.5”-14” reservoir coilovers and VST double springs and custom arms.

Cup of Russia. Bach’s “Prince Vladimir”. Victory celebrates crew of “Yarovit-e-Motorsport” Sergei Naryshkin / Maxim Ivanov (Crossover)

Completed the final stage of the Cup of Russia in rally-raid, which he called the victors of the season.

Quick review of the race (video):

Despite the fact that Bach “Prince Vladimir” won the crew of “Yarovit-e-Motorsport” Sergei Naryshkin / Maxim Ivanov (Crossover), the winner of the Cup of Russia in the overall classification was the crew of “PEC” Dmitry Ievlev / Alexey Shaposhnikov (Nissan Frontier). “Pekovtsy”, showing the second result,  more   than 17 minutes ahead of his principle in the fight for the title contender Alexander Kolembeta (Toyota LC 200). Bravo!

But in the category of Production duo Alexander Kolembet / Sergei Skripka compete nobody could make. Maxim finished second Korobkin (MitsubishiPajero), who assisted the award-winning co-driver Anton Nikolaev, conceded the winner of nearly 12 minutes. It is noteworthy that   Maxim Korobkina it was a debut in rally-raids – the right to participate in the race, he was becoming one of the winners   share premium brand motor oils G-Energy. Congratulations to Maxim with his first victory! Of course, the fight could have been more severe if at Toyota LC Prado Leonid Petrov, a highly experienced on the first lap is not out of order the turbine engine, and Igor Gutinskogo povzryvalis not have all-wheel drive. However, we know that in sport there are no ifs, and there are only winners and losers. Therefore, we heartily congratulate   Alexander Kolembeta the first title holder of the Cup of the country rally raid! Bravo!

The standings Raid Sport finished first crew of “GAZ-the wheel-sport” Michael Kostrukov / Ildous Lutfullin on Gazelle NEXT. However, all attention was focused on a series of dueling leaders Sergey Sukhorukov (Tomcat) and Alexander Kostrukovu (Sable 4×4). Good luck this time turned against the champion of Russia in 2014 Alexander Kostrukova – blasted outward wheel of his sports car dashed all hopes of the pilot to make “gold” double in the past season. Sergey Sukhorukov and Nikita Puzikov crossed the finish line second in the class, and thus won the first career Cup of Russia. Bravo!


As we expected, the National class of the main contenders for victory was to take place between representatives of Kolomna school motorsport Eugene Bataeva (UAZ 31519) and Sergey Klimov (UAZ 315195). And so it happened: the crew E.Bataev / Yu.Sachkov the first, beating his former navigator S.Klimova seven and a half minutes, who assisted Ruslan Mosolov. Bronze awards Baja “Prince Vladimir” crew won the WHA 21213 Alexander Ponomarenko / Dmitry Roznov, who came to the rally-raids of the jeep sprint.

Triumph is not only the final stage of the Cup of the country, but the season was the team “Yarovit-e-Motorsport ‘! Winners Sergei Naryshkin / Maxim Ivanov and bronze medalists race Andrei Volsky / Dmitry book put a beautiful end to the combat command. For the first time in the history of the national team of the rally-raid “Yarovit-e-Motorsport”, advocated by Russian and Belarusian pilots he won the Cup of Russia in rally-raids! Bravo!

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