F-O-A Race Jack – “The Quickest Race Jack You Can Afford”

Race jacks are one of those tools that have that brilliant cartoon-like sparkle glowing around them every time you look at one. They are at the top of the vehicle-jacking world, and they’re sought after by every off-roader we know. But they’ve always been too expensive. Most guys will find other means of jacking before they plunk down a grand for one of these fancy jacks.

But F-O-A found a way around the high price. And at $350 we’re not sure if F-O-A is going to be able to keep up production at the rate these aluminum and tempered-steel race jacks will fly off the shelves. We got one of the very first to try out. The production version you’ll receive will be a little more polished (and cadmium plated) and have a couple minor refinements for mounting the jack.

The F-O-A Race Jack has a fold-down lift point that will support over 2,500 pounds. F-O-A had not yet set an actual limit on the lifting capabilities at the time of print, but they have lifted up the front end of their Super Duty (as have we), and that proves no problem for the jack at all.

“The Quickest Jack You Can Afford”

~FourWheeler Network

The F-O-A Race Jack comes with a weld-on lift point tube for the race jack to lift the vehicle from. These can be easily welded onto axles or even frame points. We have two big “speed holes” in our lower shock mounts that serve as a perfect lifting point. We used a 1/2-inch drive electric impact gun to turn the jack and crank it up. We actually tried lifting every vehicle at our house until the electric impact ran out of battery juice.

The 1/2-inch drive side of the jack fits into a hinged collar that keeps the jack in place. The hinge tabs need to be welded to your rollcage or other place ofmounting.

At the other end of the jack, a weld-on tab slips into the aluminum base and a pull-pin holds the base onto the welded tab.

Before completely welding the F-O-A Race Jack’s mounting pieces into place, make sure that the hinge and pull-pin mechanisms function properly and you can remove the jack while it’s just tack-welded in place.

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