F-O-A Patent Pending Seal Head

F-O-A starts out with the longest Teflon shaft bushing in the industry, at a full 1 inch long, it is 33 percent longer giving you more shaft support.

F-O-A continues with a double OD O-ring seal. Over time and with use, a single O-ring design can leak. With constant pressure variations causing O-ring flexing, the single O-ring design can allow contamination caused by internal shock ware, to undermine the O-ring seal. The double O-Ring complete eliminates this design flaw.

F-O-A Finishes up with its Patent Pending oil bypass circuit. Shock absorbers can have very high shaft velocities, very different then a standard hydraulic shaft. With these high velocities you can develop very small pockets of low pressure within a pressurized shock absorber. These small pockets can allow small micro bubbles of air into the shock absorber. F-O-A’s Oil Bypass Circuit assures full pressure to the seal no matter how high the shaft velocities. In addition the F-O-A Oil Bypass Circuit allows better cooling and lubrication on the seal side of the bushing. This allows us to run a tighter shaft to bushing clearance and assures cooling and lubrication to the main seal as well. Other shock absorbers may allow the shaft to run dry on very high compression shaft velocities.

F-O-A -moving forward in Shock development!