Mid-Travel vs Long-Travel Suspension

Get more out of your off-road rig with a mid-travel or long-travel suspension kit. There are many different off-road disciplines, from a few bumpy roads, a deep mud bog, a demanding rock crawling experience, a Midwest rock bouncing event, a short course challenge, or a full out off road desert race. Compare the benefits of a mid-travel and a long-travel suspension systems to find the best option for your rig and budget. Explore quality suspension options at F-O-A before hitting the trail and making dirt-covered memories in your off-road vehicle.

Understanding Your Suspension

First, it’s important to realize there are few hard-and-fast distinctions between mid- and long-travel suspensions. You can swap out your OEM suspension with a wide range of travel options, and every kit can be adjusted to fine-tune your ride. Learn more about mid-level options that balance an OEM look with dependable off-road protection.

Kit Components

If you want to put a small lift kit on your vehicle for an off-road look, you won’t need a new suspension kit. However, for a true off-road ride, you’ll want to upgrade to a mid-travel or long-travel suspension. Here are the areas of your suspension system that you’ll need to alter to create a professional off-road ride:

Carefully read the type of kit you pick up. Some kits come with all of these components, while others miss the coil over shocks or other features. Keep in mind that a long-travel kit and serious off-roading may require additional reinforcements, as you enjoy your new found ability to go faster on your favorite trails. 

Why You Need an Upgraded Suspension

A new suspension system is all about soft landings, articulation, and higher ride height. If you’re cruising over rutted roads or sand dunes, then your stock suspension won’t be enough to protect you from the jarring ride. The addition of good Coil-over shocks are the single key difference between a comfortable ride and a bone-jarring experience. Second is the amount of suspension your rig enjoys, long travel or mid travel. 

A new kit, particularly a long-travel one, gives you more articulation from full jounce to full droop. This is an essential feature in making your rig drivable in all situations in your off-road adventure. You may need to lift the body of your vehicle or use aftermarket fiberglass fenders if you wish to run larger, wider tires that give you the traction and clearance you can now use when the road takes a turn for the worst.

Installing Mid-Travel vs. Long-Travel Kits

Upgrading your suspension system can be a DIY project or a fabrication shop in your area can always do the job for you.  Compare full kit fab shop installs vs. DIY installation and find out how to select mid-travel or long-travel kits from F-O-A . . . and get the information you need to settle the debate for you and your ride.

Full Kit vs. Piece by Piece

A full-suspension kit gives you the all-in-one convenience you need. Prepare for any adventure with most or all of the parts and hardware you need. Consider purchasing a full kit for your first time for convenient setup and quick installation.

Some off-roaders pick and choose shock absorbers, springs, arms and other components from various manufacturers. Use caution when mixing brands of parts, as some may not be compatible with others or have the exact specifications you need.

Mid-Travel vs. Long-Travel

A mid-travel kit is going to be more affordable than a long-travel alternative. You won’t have the same articulation, but you’ll have an affordable easy modification to improve your on and off road experience.

Long-travel suspension systems offer unbeatable articulation, surprisingly soft landings, and excellent ride ability. Compared to a mid-travel kit, these kits are a larger investment into your rig and people will notice your investment. Choose a long-travel option if you’re a serious off-roader who wants the best suspension option on the market.

Benefits of an F-O-A Kit

At F-O-A, we believe in affordable suspension kits that don’t sacrifice on quality. Compare our kits for various makes and models of vehicles for a hassle-free upgrade to your ride. Our kits use powder-coated control arms, precision-machined tie-rod extensions, and DOT-approved brake line extensions. When you need a reliable off-road package, turn to F-O-A.

The Verdict

In the end, it’s all about your personal preferences. Does an off-road trip to you mean a few rutted dirt roads and OHV trails, or are you a diehard bouldering expert looking for an industry-leading suspension system? Your driving experience will help you determine whether you need the more extended travel out there or if a mid-travel option will work well for your situation.

Shop for suspension kits at First Over All Off-Road Shock Technology. Find the long-travel and mid-travel suspension kits that fits your vehicle and your budget, if you don’t see it reach out to sales for your application. You don’t need to wait for your next paycheck . . .  start your off-road adventures quickly with competitive financing options @ f-o-a.com