“Radial Feed Back Piston” Pat. Ped. Another F-O-A First!

The Radial Feed Back Piston uses internal shock oil pressure inside the shock piston and directs the force to the metal ware band that presses against the shock body radius. The force is exerted to the shock body where the energy is absorbed from your vehicles wheel travel, slowing the travel proportional to the pressure exerted.

This is a new form of wheel damping not seen before. At the present time we recommend Radial Feed Back Pistons in shorter travel shocks. We generally recommend using the Radial Feed Back piston on 3.5”  shocks with less than 14″ of shock travel. With shorter travel shocks the Radial Feed Back Piston creates a bump zone the entire travel length of the shock, that is proportional to the wheel impact. On longer travel shocks that can cause problems, and only on certain applications do we recommend them. Talk to an FOA tech.

The amount of Feed Back to the piston’s ware band is determined by the size of the Pilot size and its associated shock piston valving. Most of the time you only need Radial Feed Back on compression side of the  piston. Rebound Radial Feed Back, except if a few vehicles, is not recommended