Shockingly Easy Upgrades – Dirt Sports + Off-Road 2015 Shock Guide

One of the hardest-working suspension components in an off-road vehicle is its absorber. They help control the suspension and ride dynamics, while also giving drivers powers to race across choppy terrain, survive big hits, and even take ground-pounding jumps most would never ponder. Without quality performance off-road shocks, most vehicles would not last long in the dirt. In fact, it’s very likely original equipment components would fail, sending your truck down the road bouncing like a pogo stick. This also holds true for racing applications. Having the right shocks for the job and knowing how to set them up will do wonders come race day. To help Dirt Sports + Off Road has put together a collection of the latest off-road shocks for truck, prerunner, and race vehicles sure to keep you in control.

Dirt Sports + Off-Road features F-O-A 2.5 Coilover as Easy Upgrade

F-O-A now offers affordable 2.5-inch diameter coilover shock. It starts With a 25 DOM body with large ACME-machined thread to ease preload adjustment. Full billet aluminum top caps and lower rod ends with replaceable Heims are used, as well as plated and hardened chrome 7/8-inch shaft to ensure longevity. The billet seal head is set up with Buna-N sea’s (rated at 250 degrees F), a Viton seal upgrade also available (rated up to 400 degrees F). The large remote reservoir uses an internal floating piston to keep oil and air separated, ensuring more consistent performance and cooling.

F-O-A coilovers are fully rebuildable, revalveable, and available in shock body lengths from 6 to 20 inches.