F-O-A 1.25 Inch Heat Treated Chromoly Rod End


These FOA 1.25″ Rod Ends are fully heat & cryogenically treated chromoly heim with a RSL (Radial Static Load) rating of 78,000 lbs. The bearing is a heat treated 52100 bearing steel and hard chrome plated. The housing has a hard chrome finish. The race is made from an injection molded Teflon impregnated Nylon.


Warranty: 6 Months


FOA’s 1.25″ Heat Treated Chromoly Rod End has a 1.25″ shaft with a 1″ bore. The reason we use the 1″ bore instead of the 1.25″ bore is strength, there is simply more material on the 1″ bore Rod End and with a 3/4″ bolt, after missalignment that is what you would end up with anyway and if you need a 1.25″ Rod End you don’t want a small bolt becoming the weak point. Sometimes smaller in the right places is better!

There are many benefits to a 1 piece Rod End that you should understand. The first and foremost is simply Strength but the simplicity of having less parts to come loose or break on the trail or in competition comes in a close second. Anyone can buy the parts to make a rod end, they are pretty easy to come by and you don’t need a very expensive special 800 ton press to manufacture them if they screw together. However, there is a reason the 1 piece rod ends have been the chosen ones for so long.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in

LH – Left Hand Thread, RH – Right Hand Thread

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