F-O-A 2.0 Coil Over Shocks with Remote Reservoir – 16 Inch Travel – 2-Corner Kit


F-O-A 2.0 Inch ID Coil Over Shock w/ Reservoir, 16 Inch Travel × 2

The FOA Coil Over Shock w/ Reservoir with a 2" body!  Our 2.0" series is sure to be a hit, comes automatically come with a billet upper cap and lower rod end, a 3/4" hard chrome steel shaft, Disogrin seals, a large 1.82" piston, COM-9 replaceable hiems and quick adjust preload threading to give you the most asked for shock features in a shock costing far less than the competition. Combine that with our large body floating piston remote reservoir and you have a winning combo. The remote reservoir ensures consistent performance for demanding off-roading.

Shorter overall lengths than our 2.5 series for those hard to fit areas like VW beam fronts and smaller A-arm trucks.

Dualrate hardware is required for the use of dual springs. Dual springs can be optional on 6", 8" and some 10" shocks, mandentory on 12" and longer.

Viper 2.5 Inch ID Coil Over Spring, 14 Inch Length × 2

Viper 2.5 Inch ID Coil Over Spring, 18 Inch Length × 2

F-O-A Limit Strap Kit, Set of 2 Straps

FOA Limit Straps - 2-Corner Kit.

Warranty: 6 Months

7/8” Shaft Upgrade

Upgrades the shock from a standard 3/4” to a 7/8” diameter shaft

Chrome Plating

Rate Plate