F-O-A 2.0 Inch ID Reservoir Shock, 16 Inch Travel


The FOA Reservoir Shock with a 2″ body! Our 2.0″ series is sure to be a hit. Our 2.0″ automatically come with a billet upper cap and lower rod end, a 3/4″ hard chrome steel shaft, Disogrin seals, a large 1.82″ piston, and COM-9 replaceable hiems to give you the most asked for shock features in a shock costing far less than the competition. Combine that with our large body floating piston remote reservoir, and you have a winning combo. The remote reservoir ensures consistent performance for demanding off-roading.


Optional Upgrades

7/8” Shaft Upgrade

Upgrades the shock from a standard 3/4” to a 7/8” diameter shaft

Chrome Plating

Add a Shock Bolt Kit

2 – 1/2″ -20 x 3″ Grade 8 Zinc Plated
2 – 1/2″ -20 Lock Nut Zinc Plated Grade C
4 – Flat Washers Zinc Plated

Warranty: 6 Months