F-O-A 2.5 Inch ID Bumpstop and Mounting Can Kit



Completely user tunable with both air pressure and oil level adjustments, you’ll be able to dial them in quickly. We’ve designed them around our common 2.5” body and added a larger 1 ¼” shaft to handle the hard hits. We use a solid aluminum striker for durability and cost savings.
In keeping with our value based focus, we are giving you a 2.5” bumpstop at less than the price of everyone elses 2” bump!

For a limited time, the mounting cans are included at no extra cost!

  • Total 4″ travel extended length- 14” plus the Schrader valve.
  • Total 2″ travel extended length- 12” plus the Schrader valve.
  • Total body width – 2.5″
  • Operating pressure – 50-300psi

Chrome Plating

Rate Plate

Warranty: 6 Months

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