F-O-A 2.5 Inch ID Reservoir Shock, 16 Inch Travel



Our remote reservoir shock is one of our most popular. Take our 2.5 DOM steel body, add billet top caps and lower rod ends with replaceable hiems, revalvable and rebuildable piston/shim arrangement plus our hardened chrome 7/8 shaft….combine that with our large body floating piston remote reservoir, and you have a winning combo. The remote reservoir ensures consistent performance for demanding off-roading. We offer these shocks with the industry standard Buna-N seals…good for up to 250 degrees. For racing and extra heavy use, we recommend upgrading to our High Temp option.

Get Viton seals and an extra heavy duty piston wear band for temps up to 400 degrees.


Add a Shock Bolt Kit

2 – 1/2″ -20 x 3″ Grade 8 Zinc Plated
2 – 1/2″ -20 Lock Nut Zinc Plated Grade C
4 – Flat Washers Zinc Plated

Add a 90* AN Fitting

Chrome Plating

Rate Plate

Warranty: 6 Months