FOA Oil Accumulator 12v



  Over the years FOA has been getting numerous requests to start selling our fully integrated oil accumulators once again. So, we went back to the drawing board and re-designed a new and better 3.0 accumulator. No manufacture sells an integrated oil accumulator, only FOA has them.
   So, it’s back and it is bigger and better than ever!
  The new accumulator features a 3” body to hold even more oil than before.
  If you are not familiar with this style accumulator it is a reservoir of pressurized oil that is connected to your engines oiling system. Your system charges the accumulator when the motor is running. Then the accumulator fluctuates with your engine pressure giving your oil system great stability during times of radical fluxuations. A few seconds of oil pressure can save you literally thousands of dollars in repairs and or a win verses a loss.  When you turn your engine off, the cartridge valve closes and stores the engines oil pressure in its reservoir for use upon you restarting the engine.
     Great for rock crawlers that run conventional or dry sumps. They also work great for pre-oiling engine before start up.
     Each unit is equipped with a 12v Cartridge Valve integrated into the inlet/outlet of the accumulator.
    Just run 12 Volt from your ignition switch and plumb an oil line to the pressure side of your oil system and you’re done.
    The cartridge valve is on and off with the ignition key. So, when you turn you’re key to start your engine in the morning, wait one or two seconds before engaging the starter and your engine will have oil pressure before you crank the engine . . . meaning, never a dry moment.

Warranty: 6 Months

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