Using a Rate-Plate

The term “Rate-Plate” is that name given to an immovable plate placed on the compression side of your shock piston. Rate-Plates’ are generally recommended for bypass shocks, racing and or other high-speed  applications. If you are experiencing high speed shock shaft travel often in your travels you might benefit greatly from the addition of a rate-plate.

A rate plate will limit your “Blow Open Events” (BOE) to a max set amount. The one draw back is to change your BOE set point, you have disassembled the shock absorber to do so. By setting the height of your rate-plate up or down, that will make the adjustment.

The increments of change can be as little as .010” , up or down, which is the height of a single shim. There are many scenarios to consider when deciding your rate-plate height and talking to an F-O-A tech should be your first stop, in your decision-making process.

Check out F-O-A’s “Blow Open Event” post and that will give you more detail on the flows that you will be allowing/stopping with a rate-plate addition to your shock absorber.