What is a MEGA TRUCK?

SO-COVER4-v2-LOW_largeSo, what exactly is a “Mega Truck”? That’s the question we hear all the time so taking some time to explain it as far as we are concerned only seems fit. There are plenty of opinions surrounding the subject but there are a few particular details that everyone can agree on; and nitrogen charged shocks are just a one of the items you will need to build a Mega Truck.

These Mega Trucks definitely look killer and perform better then expected but there is a whole lot more to the mega truck lifestyle than truck parts and welded steal. A mega truck is defined not only by the way the owner built it, but also the way the driver drives it. A true mega truck driver builds his rig just to test his rig, these are not trailer queens. Any hardcore driver is not afraid to go full throttle all weekend and pick up the pieces when done, drag it all back to the shop, fix it all up just to drag it all over again and again!

Check out these pics that highlight one of the most recent mega trucks to hit the scene known as Bad Apple.

Featuring F-O-A 2.5 Inch ID Coil Over Shocks with Remote Reservoir; nitrogen charged coil over shocks are more popular now then ever. Gone are the days of leaf-sprung mud trucks with 10-inch blocks. These super strong F-O-A Shocks have adjustable ride heights and a reservoir for some back up fluid. I have personally watched some of the craziest mega truck drivers sail their trucks through the air and land on these shocks with no problems. If your rig is built right there is not much that the F-O-A shock can’t handle.

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Excerpts from Source OFF-Road Sept/Oct 2015 issue.